Due to the current obligation to provide information to trace possible infection chains in connection with Covid-19, there is now a digital solution for your university.

  • facilitates data collection & storage
  • GDPR compliant
  • reduces the organizational effort
  • protects the environment

Thank you very much for your support and assistance!

Easy check-in via the


You use the UniNow app to organize your studies? Then benefit additionally from our new feature "Corona Tracking". Scan the QR Code and you will be automatically forwarded to the UniNow app and checked in in seconds. Using the list of recent check-ins, you can also check in without a QR Code scan. You don't have the UniNow app yet? Then take advantage of the All-In-One solution and organize your campus life in just one app:


Check-In via the

mobile web version

What? You don't have the UniNow app on your phone yet? For all those who like it more complicated than easy, we have of course also developed a check-in variant. Scan the QR Code with the camera of your mobile device. Afterwards you will be automatically forwarded to your browser where you can enter your contact data into a form. Camera defective or no desire to scan the QR Code? Alternatively, you can go to checkin.uninow.de and enter the building, room or location code.

Laptop browser

Check-in via the

No smartphone at hand? Camera broken? No problem! Enter the building, room or location code that is below the QR code manually and then fill out the contact form.

Classical alternative:

Contact form

Your university also provides the classic alternative of an analog solution. Here you have the possibility to fulfill your obligation to provide information by filling out the contact form. However, this means a considerable amount of paperwork and time for your university. Think about your fellow human beings as well as the environment and use the digital solution.